Denmark Rugby League

Denmark Rugby League 15/7/2009

The Dansk Rugby League Forbund were delighted to welcome the President of Scottish Rugby League, John Risman, to Copenhagen on July 13, 2009. The World renowned international Rugby League trainer took a mixed men and women training session of players from the Copenhagen area.
Held at Flledparken in Copenhagen, a rapidly expanding set of experienced and new players to rugby league were introduced to the very latest training techniques by John Risman. His proven talents recently were put on show as he led Scotland to last year’s Rugby League World Cup Finals.

John confidence that the Danes would take to rugby league is being fulfilled, “I have been involved with many developing European rugby league nations, particularly in their early years. And seeing the enthusiasm, interest, effort and numbers of people taking to the game in Denmark, I am confident that Rugby League (the greatest game in the World) will continue to develop and flourish to add a wonderful sport to Denmark’s sporting arena.”

Future training sessions taken by John will continue to prepare the ground for future games against teams such as Sweden, Lithuania and others throughout Europe. John also noted that, “The enthusiasm shown by the ladies at the training session looks like they will provide strong competition to other nations in the area in the near future.

Exiles rugby union club, in particular, were there in numbers to welcome John to Copenhagen, with two of their number (Mark Hewson and Nigel Kitching) being key figures in bringing rugby league to Denmark. Between them, Mark and Nigel bring over 30 years’ experience to this fast moving and skilful game.

Mark commented, “Special areas of expertise from rugby league will give a vital advantage to teams like Exiles. It is recognised throughout the World that International Rugby Union relies heavily on Rugby League coaches for their defensive skills and coaches. I have played rugby league since I could walk and have trained with professional teams in England, and I can see that Danes would naturally take to this fantastic game. Other popular Danish sports, such as handball, give a great foundation for any player (male and female) with good ball handling skills to be successful in Rugby League – you should try it.

What is Rugby League?

– Seen by many as half way between rugby union and American football, rugby league is a separate sport that has a huge following across the World. Leading countries currently include Australia, New Zealand, England and especially in Papua New Guinea, where it is unrivalled at the national sport. Developing countries in Europe include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

– Each team has 13 players on the field and contest in full contact to move the ball from one end of the pitch to other, without the ball being thrown forward – meaning the only way to advance is to create gaps in the opponents defence.

– Each team has six tries (tackles) to move the ball into a scoring position. If no score is made before or after the sixth tackle, the ball is given over to the opposition.

– Only limited padding is permitted and no hard helmets are allowed.

Denmark Rugby League Training July 2009