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Foundation Year – 1960

International Team – Federazione Italiana Rugby League

Highest finish in World Cup – Runner-up Emerging Nations World Cup Final (2000)

Top level domestic competition – Italy currently has two independant bodies who run rugby league in Italy the FIRL (Official) and the FIRFL.

History – Rugby league was played in Italy during the 1950’s and 1960’s with teams from England, France and Australia touring. After the 1960’s rugby league slowly disappeared from the sporting landscape in Italy.

In 1995 Australian’s with Italian heritage formed the Italia Rugby league with the goal of assisting with the revival the game in Italy. Italy’s big start came with the qualifying matches for the 2000 Rugby League World Cup. Even though they failed to qualify the rival of the game had started.

Italy played in the Emerging Nations World Cup in 2000. The event ran along side the main World Cup. Italy preformed well winning their Pool games against the United States and Canada. In the final they played against BARLA going down 20 -14.

In 2003 Italy played an RLIF sanctioned game against new comers Greece. The game was played in Australia, NSW at Kogarah’s Oki Jubilee Oval home to NRL club St George Illawarra Dragons. The teams were playing each other for the inaugural Ionio Cup. In a close and brutal game fitting for these two rivals, Greece were narrowly defeated 26 – 24 in the dying minutes of the game by the Italians.

In Febuary 2006 Italy A played against a touring team from the United States. The game was played at Marconi Stadium in Sydney’s South West. Italy easily defeated the Tomahawks 38 – 6 taking out the inuagural Columbus Cup.

In 2008 Italy took part in the European Nations Shield against Germany and the Czech Republic. Mainly consisting of players from the local Italian clubs, Italy defeated Germany 58 – 26 in the opening match in Padula. They then went on to defeat the Czech Republic 38 – 18 in Prague to take out the European Nations Shield title for the first time.

Italy now have two independant bodies who are growing the game of rugby league in Italy. The Federation Italian Rugby League (Official) and the Federation Italia Rugby Football League. It is hoped at some stage these to parties come together to form one powerful rugby league body to grow the game in Italy.

In early 2009 Italy were ranked 18th in World seedings by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF).

Italy along with the Czech Republic and Germany took part in the European Shield in July 2009. Italy finished 1st on the ladder taking out the tournament. Italy continued with their good fortune by being called up to the European Cup. Russia withdrew from the competition due to financial issues. Italy the winners of the 2008 and 2009 European Shield were brought into the tournament as Russia’s replacement. Italy were out of their depth during the tournament but managed to win the 5th place play-off against Serbia 42 – 14. By winning this they have secured their place in the tournament next year and will be better prepared with 12 months to plan and bring in more experienced players from abroad.

In late 2009 Greece, Italy, Portugal and Malta took part in the inaugural Australian Mediterranean 4 Nations Shield held at Marconi Stadium over two weeks. Greece defeated Italy 34 – 14 in the final to become the first team to win the Australian Mediterranean 4 Nations Shield.

Italy have been placed in Group C in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) along with Scotland and Tonga. On October 26th (Saturday) Italy will open their World Cup campaign at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff in a cross group match against RLWC co-hosts Wales. Then Italy will play Scotland on November 3rd (Sunday) at Derwent Park, Workington in England. Their final match takes them to the Shay Stadium at Halifax to take on pool favourites Tonga on November 10th (Sunday).

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2014 Rugby League Results
Sep 20th Serbia 45 v Italy 6, Belgrade (European Championship B)
Jul 26th Italy 22 v Russia 18, Gemona (European Championship B)
Jul 5th Italy 54 v Ukraine 12, Gemona (European Championship B)

2013 Rugby League Results
Nov 10th 4.00pm Tonga 16 v Italy 0 (World Cup)
Nov 3rd 4.00pm Scotland 30 v Italy 30 (World Cup)
Oct 26th 4.30pm Wales 16 v Italy 32 (World Cup)
Oct 19th England 14 v Italy 15 (RLWC warm-up match)
Sep 14th Italy 32 v Serbia 20 (European Shield)
Jul 27th Germany 30 v Italy 66 (European Shield)
Jun 29th Italy 38 v Russia 18 (European Shield)

2012 Rugby League Results 
Oct 12th Italy XIII 18 – Fiji XIII 22
Sep 8th Russia 32 – Italy 18 (European Shield)
Jul 7th Italy 72 – Germany 10 (European Shield)
Jun 9th Serbia 24 – Italy 18 (European Shield)

2011 Rugby League Results 
Oct 29th Italy 19 – Lebanon 19 (World Cup Qualifiers Europe)
Oct 23rd Serbia 6 – Italy 52 (World Cup Qualifiers Europe)
Oct 15th Italy 92 – Russia 6 (World Cup Qualifiers Europe)

2010 Rugby League Results 
Oct 6th Wales 6 – Italy 15
Sep 26th Italy 24 – Lebanon 16
Sep 24th Italy 8 – Lebanon 16

2009 Rugby League Results 
Nov 8th Italy 42 – Serbia 14 (European Cup Ranking)
Oct 24th Lebanon 86 – Italy 0 (European Cup)
Oct 17th Greece 34 – Italy 14 (Med Shield Final)
Oct 17th Scotland 104 – Italy 0 (European Cup)
Oct 10th Italy 34 – Malta 10 (Med Shield)
Jul 18th Italy 42 – Germany 30 (European Shield)
Jul 11th Italy 38 – Czech Republic 8 (European Shield)
Jun 6th Morocco 32 – Italy 10

2008 Rugby League Results 
Jul 12th Italy 38 – Czech Republic 18 (European Nations Shield)
Jun 13th Italy 58 – Germany 26 (European Nations Shield)
Jun 12th BARLA 64 – Italy

2006 Rugby League Results
Jun 13th South Africa 60 – Italy 20
Jun 12th South Africa 76 – Italy 6
Jun 9th BARLA 38 – Italy 12
Feb 4th Italy A 38 – United States 6

2004 Rugby League Results 
Oct 2nd Italy 58 – Greece 14

2003 Rugby League Results
Sep 27th Italy 26 – Greece 24
Jul 11th Scotland A 20 – Italy 14

2000 Rugby League Results 
Nov 20th BARLA 20 – Italy 14 (Emerging Nations World Cup Final)
Nov 17th Italy 40 – United States 16 (Emerging Nations World Cup)
Nov 15th Italy 66 – Canada 6 (Emerging Nations World Cup)

1999 Rugby League Results 
Nov 11th Lebanon 36 – Italy 16 (World Cup Qualifier)
Italy 34 – Morocco 0 (World Cup Qualifier)
Italy 14 – France 10

1960 Rugby League Results 
Australia 67 – Italy 22
Australia 37 – Italy 15