Sweden Rugby League map


Information on this page was updated – 11/3/2014

Foundation Year – 2007

International Team – Sweden Rugby League

Top level domestic competition – N/A

History – Sweden is a new rugby league playing nation and continues the trend of European nations taking up the sport.

Sweden Rugby League is at the very early stage of development. It is planned to introduce rugby league into schools in the near future.

In early 2007 Sweden officially launched the Sweden Rugby League website.

In 2007 and 2008 Sweden were unranked in European rankings but awarded official observer status by the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF).

In early 2009 Sweden were unranked in world rankings but were awarded official observer status by the Rugby League International Federation.

In new developments for Swedish Rugby League a team from Gothemburg has agreed to join the Norwegian competition due to kick-off in 2009 until the popularity of league grows in Sweden and Sweden can start their own competition.

The recent success of the Rugby League World Cup will provide further funds to develop the sport throughout Europe. The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) will now have more funds to invest in development officers and continue assisting rugby league’s growth. With the right support nations like Sweden could take the next step and setup a local top level rugby league competition.

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2014 Rugby League Results
Aug 28th Sweden 24 v Norway 12, Lund (Nordic Cup)
Aug 16th Denmark 44 v Sweden 6, Copenhagen (Nordic Cup)

2013 Rugby League Results
Aug 3rd Sweden 38 v Denmark 12 (Nordic Cup)
Jul 20th Norway 22 v Sweden 40 (Nordic Cup)

2012 Rugby League Results
Jul 28th Sweden 10 – Norway 36 (Nordic Cup)
Apr 28th Denmark 122 – Sweden 8 (Nordic Cup)

2010 Rugby League Results
Oct 30th Sweden 20 – Norway 20 (Nordic Cup)