Argentina Rugby League map


Information on this page was updated – 19/12/2011

Foundation Year – 2005

International Team – Argentina Penguins

Top level domestic competition – There is currently no domestic rugby league competition.

History – Argentina Rugby League was formed in 2005 to accommodate the touring Australia Police Force rugby league team. The Australian Police Force toured Argentina to assist with the startup and development of rugby league.

In 2006 four teams took part in a rugby league 9’s tournament in Buenos Aires. There was plan’s to have rugby union clubs involved in a rugby league competition in the rugby union off season. So far this hasn’t been realised. Since 2006 Rugby League has fallen off the radar in Argentina.

Showing that Argentinean’s have had an interest in rugby league in the past, famous Argentina rugby union player Pablo Bouza had a stint in rugby league before moving to Union and playing for the national team.

The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) or Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) will hopefully continue with the pioneering work started by the Australian Police Force rugby league team in 2005. With the right support Argentina could develop the game of rugby league. As late as 2011 interested parties have been in contact with the RLIF but to date no formal rugby league board has been setup to kick start the game in Argentina.

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2005 Rugby League Results
Mar 31st Australian Police 50 – Argentina 6
Mar 25th Australian Police 40 – Argentina 4