Rugby League Development Fund

By Keith Whitelock

Well guys, its that time of year again where members of the Rugby League Development Fund take applications from Rugby League organisations all around the world. With a new name (changed from Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club) and a new year, members have managed to contribute double what we did last year, cracking the $2,000 for the first time

Last year’s winners Jamaica have continued their impressive growth and are believed to have used the money to assist with junior development and day to day running of the game.


The Rugby league development fund is now in it’s second year and is awarded at the end of each financial year. It was originally created as a way for fans of the international game to put their money where their mouth is. Often our ambitions and vision for the game far exceed the resources of most Rugby League organisations around the world and this grant plays a small part in helping develop the game of Rugby League in our chosen country.

Each member has contributed $120 throughout the year (either one of lump sum or 12 monthly payments of $10 each) which enabled us to crack the $2,000 mark. We have seen a modest increase in members since we were originally founded a little over 18 months ago. We are always on the lookout for new members or one off donations so if your interested in either of this click here.

We see and read about fledgling Rugby League countries spending 50% of their resources on just Rugby League balls and playing equipment. Often decking out an entire team in a new kit is too much money for clubs to afford. This is where we aim to help, little things like this that the major rugby league countries take for granted.

If you’re a developing Rugby League organisation or want to apply; click the link below to head to the application thread of the Rugby League Planet forum.