Press Release, Date 23/6/12

There is no time to rest for the Lebanese-based players that have been chosen for the train-on squad that will tour Canada later this summer.With their Championship Grand Final played last week, the players have been put through some rigorous training sessions and this level will remain until the squad is finalized and flies out to Toronto in late August.

The local players will be met in Canada by Cedars Head Coach David Bayssari and the Australian-based members of the touring party.

The domestic players have been under the watchful eye of tour manager Remond Safi. “It’s great to see a lot of new young faces moving up in the ranks our international squad. This will be a stern test as the Canadians have plenty of big match experience to fall back on,” he said. “We will have our work cut out.”

Lebanon Head Coach David Bayssari commented,” The squad that will land in Toronto should provide a stiff test for Canada. We are under no illusions. The Canadians are an extremely tough side and will be hard to handle, but I now our boys will be ready by game time and I look forward to having all the players under the one roof again. I can’t wait.”

Lebanese-based players in train on squad:

Ahmad Fadallah, Robin Hachache, Adam Itani, Mazen Knio, ( Immortals RLFC) , Michael Khoury, Youssef Helou, Pierre Nasr, ( Jounieh RLFC), Mohamed Akar , Kamel Ali, Adib Kahi, Paul Khauli, (Redbacks RLFC) , Michael Elias, Jonathon Fenianos, Riad Khoury, Sami Mansur, Michael Moubarak, Samer Nehme, Gaeton Osman, Aziz Smaily , Allen Soultan, ( Tripoli RLFC), Raymond Finan, Monir Finan, Nemer Saliba.