Rugby League Development Fund

by Keith Whitelock, 8/7/12

One year ago, the first Rugby League Development Fund was awarded to Jamaica. For those who don’t know, the Rugby League Development Fund is a concept run by Rugby League Planet in which members of the fund donate
$120 annually to help develop the sport of Rugby League in one deserved country. With interest slowly gaining throughout the course of the first year, we managed to raise $1,000 to assist with the development of Rugby League in the Caribbean nation. After receiving a great level of interest and applications, we feel our members came to a great decision. 12 months on, we asked Romeo Montieth just how far our donation went and if it made a difference. Romeo had the following response:

“The grant was a very important award for us in 2011, it greatly aided us in delivering rugby league to more Jamaican youths as it assisted in covering some of the expense associated with running our youth competition in the Corporate area. As a nation that struggles to attract local sponsorship from companies, we have certainly been grateful in receiving the grant. We were able to deliver rugby league to 300 youths in Jamaica and further establish our great sport as a legitimate contender in a our sport market. It was especially pleasing to see Shannon Harris, one of the students who played in our Surrey high school championship called up to represent Jamaica A against the Barla Great Britain U23 team.


We are very grateful to all the RLP members who contributed to the fund and we encourage other lovers of the international game to get on board because every little assistance goes a far way”

With the end of the financial year upon us, it is now time to decide which country is best deserving of the second annual donation. Our members have done an astonishing job in doubling the award pool to $2,000, which we hope will assist one Rugby League organisation to develop out great sport in a non traditional country. Coming to the pointy end of things, its very important that applications are received as soon as possible. So if you think your Rugby League organisation is deserved of this donation.