By Richard Cowley, Date: 6/8/12

Saturday August the 4th saw Norway host Denmark at Bislett Stadium, Oslo in the last game of the 2012 Nordic Cup series.

In what was a great defencive effort by Denmark the Norwegians went into the half time break just ahead of the Danish 12 – 6.


The second half was a different story with Denmark unable to stop the Norwegian attack. At full time Norway had put on 24 unasnwered points to defeat Denamrk 36 – 6.

The result also saw Norway finish top of the 2012 Nordic Cup table and claim the tri-series championship. 

2012 Nordic Cup Results

August 4th, Norway 36 – Denmark 6

July 28th, Sweden 10 – Norway 36

Apr 28th Denmark 122 – Sweden 8