Rugby League Development Fund

By: Richard Cowley, Date: 27/8/12

As the Rugby League Development Fund prepares for it’s 3rd year of assisting developing rugby league nations it’s good to see that this years winners are delighted with the assistance the RLDF has provided.

Starting up rugby league in a new country is no easy task. Many volunteers put in there own time and money to help make it a success. The RLDF is glad that it could offer some assistance to nations like Canada.

Canada Rugby League Chairman Eric Perez commented â€œI am absolutely delighted for CRL to receive such an amazing grant. We appreciate the impetus and enthusiasm from everyone at Rugby League Planet, and the generosity of the Development Fund members. It’s brilliant to be recognized by Rugby League fans worldwide, for all the hard work that has been put in by the CRL team. A massive thank you to Rugby League Planet, and all of its Development Fund members.”

So if you want to assist Canada Rugby League in anyway via sponsorship etc visit


Now the Rugby League Development Fund is looking to double it’s grant for next year. But we can’t do this unless more members come on board. If you want to play a part in the growth of rugby league around the planet now is the time to jump on board and become a Rugby League Development Fund Member.

Rugby League Planet – Rugby League Development Fund Winners

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