By Richard Cowley, Date: 18/9/12

The Rugby Football League in England should be commended on the latest advertising campaign aimed to get more fans to Super League games.

 Unlike in Australia where Rugby League rules the TV and radio airways. Rugby League in England has to battle for media coverage against Football which rules the roost in the UK sporting landscape . 

Despite this the RFL had a record attendance of 1.88 million during the regular Super League season showing that rugby league as a product still has much to offer the English public.

With the Super League Final Series in play the RFL have released a new advertising campaign called the “The Rugby League of the Extraordinary” If this video doesn’t get the blood flowing and make you want to go to a rugby league game then nothing will.

The NRL now known as the Australian Rugby League Commission has lead the way on a number of rugby league matters over the years.  Maybe this time round Australia should swallow it’s pride and take a few tips from the English!

Check out the new advertising campaign