By Richard Cowley, Date: 21/9/12

Canada and the United States have named squads for this weekends second match in the 2012 Colonial Cup Series.

The match match will take place at Staples High School Football Stadium in Westport, Connecticut, USA this Saturday the 22nd September.



Organisers are hoping for a good crowd with the game receiving local media interest.

The US Tomahawks currently lead the series 1-0 after defeating the Canadian Wolverines 28 – 24 at Lamport Stadium in Toronto, Canada two weeks ago. 

While the USA will be looking to rap up the series the Canadian’s will be looking to make history by winning there first ever Colonial Cup match.

USA Squad (As per website)
Fitzjames Adams (NY Knights)
Ryan Sadano (BC Sharks)
Loto Tagaloa (Hawaii Islanders)
Mike Garvey (Ipswich Jets – PA Bulls)
Anthony Sunia (Hawaii)
Vai Notoa (Hawaii Islanders)
Dusten Umeda (CT Wildcats)
Luke Collins (PA Bulls)
Todd Fisher (NY Knights)
Justin Ripley (NY Knights)
Matt Walsh (CT Wildcats)
Zac Padgett (BC Sharks)
Bryan Confer (PA Bulls)
CJ Cortalano (NY Knights)
Curtis Cunz (CT Wildcats)
Salesi Tonamoa (CT Wildcats)
Dennis Schmieler (CT Wildcats)
Sean Taylor (NY Knights)
Kali Tavake (Utah Avalanche)
Josh Rice (Ipswich Jets – Hawaii Islanders)
Andrew Kneisly (PA Bulls)
Kelly McGill (Hawaii Islanders)
Josh Latu (Utah Avalanche)
Adam Wendland (Northern Raiders)
Louis Tulio (PA Bulls)
Mike Schachter (CT Wildcats)
Luke Hume (NY Knights)
Alejandro Valentin (PA Bulls)
Aaron Thompson (Utah Avalanche)

Canada Squad (As per website)
Robin Legault (Toronto City Saints)
Tony Felix (Toronto Centurions)
Geoff Bylund (Toronto City Saints)
Chris Chalmers (Surrey Beavers)
Lorenzo DeSantis (Hamilton Hammers)
Chris Diamond (Hamilton Hammers)
John Felix (Toronto Centurions)
Cam Grace (Ottawa Rhinos)
Jamie Lester (Toronto City Saints)
Matt Wyles (Toronto Centurions)
Sam Nady (Toronto City Saints)
Nick Hails (Toronto City Saints)
Graham Stevens (Ottawa Rhinos)
Louis Robinson (London Skolars)
Christian Miller (Hamilton Hammers)
Matt Pettie (Hamilton Hammers)
Henry Miers (Toronto Centurions)


Previous Colonial Cup Results:

2012 Sep 8th Canada 24 – United States 28

2011 Sep 18th Canada 18 – United States 16

2011 Aug 27th United States 18 – Canada 2

2010 Sep 19th United States 20 – Canada 16