By Richard Cowley, 3/10/12

With limited funding the Russian Rugby League Association are looking at unique ways to grow the game of rugby league in Russia. The RRLA are isolated in many ways. The have been fighting to have rugby league re-registered with the Russian Ministry of sport. Support form the outside world is also limited due to the nature of international rugby league.


But all is not lost with a new initiative to team up clubs in Russia and Estonia. John Slade the Russian Rugby League overseas development officer explains more.” Russia RL club Vereya will be twinning with Estonian inner city school after finding out they have so much in common. Karjamaa school is situated in Kopli Tallinn Estonia and is one of the many Russian schools who play RL.During the summer holidays many of the children visit their relatives in Moscow and other parts of Russia, so supporting the RRL national team is obvious. They both share the same club name— BEARS— Vereya bears & Karjamaa school bears.”

With Russia and Estonia forming little rugby league partnerships like this we will hopefully see the sport of Rugby League grow in both nations. Who knows just maybe sometime in the near future the sport of rugby league will once again be recognised by the Russian Ministry of Sports.