Autumn International Series
Autumn International Series

By Richard Cowley, Date: 9/11/12

The final of the Autumn International Series will take place this Sunday afternoon at the City of Salford Stadium.

Many are expecting a repeat of last weeks result where England comfortably accounted for France 44 – 6.

France and Wales have received the most benefit from the series by getting a reality check leading into next years world cup.

England on the other hand could be lured into a forced sense of security thinking they have improved. The real test for England will be their opening game against Australia in next years World Cup. Only then will the England team know if they have truly improved or once again lag behind their southern counterparts.

Even though England have been forced into playing the tri-series due to the international layoff by New Zealand and Australia, many expect the Four Nations to return in 2014.


England: K Sinfield (Captain, Leeds), C Ablett (Leeds), T Briscoe (Hull), R Burrow (Leeds), J Charnley (Wigan), R Chase (Castleford), L Cudjoe (Huddersfield), G Ellis (Hull), R Hall (Leeds), B Harrison (Warrington) C Hill (Warrington), G Hock (Wigan), J Jones-Buchanan (Leeds), M McIlorum (Wigan), A Morley (Warrington), L Mossop (Wigan) S O’Loughlin (Wigan), R Myler (Warrington), S Tomkins (Wigan) K Watkins (Leeds).

France: M Pala (Catalan), V Duport (Catalan), K Larroyer (Catalan), D Cardace (Catalan), C Soubeyras (Pia), T Sadaoui (Carcassonne), T Bosc (Catalan), W Barthau (Catalan), O Elima (Captian, Catalan), T Gigot (Avignon), R Casty (Catalan), J Bousquet (Catalan), J Fakir (Catalan), S Raguin (Catalan), J Baitieri (Catalan), R Bemba (Carcassonne), E Pélissier (Catalan), M Griffi (Lezignan), K Bentley (Lezignan).

Autumn International Series Results

Game 1: 20th October – France 20 – Wales 6, Lens, France

Game 2: 27th October – Wales 12 v England 80, Glyndwr University Racecourse Ground, Wrexham, Wales

Game 3: 3rd November – England 44 v France 6, MS3 Craven Park, Hull, England

Final: 11th November – England v France Salford City Stadium, England