International Magazine - November Edition

By Richard Cowley, Date 19/11/12

Rugby League Planet and Consultivity Rugby League Planet and Consultivity welcome you to the second issue of international. The team has been working even harder this past month trying to improve on our highly successful first issue in October, which recorded unbelievably high readership numbers across over 20 countries.

The past month has been jam-packed with international rugby league matches, particularly in Europe. England, Wales and France have competed in the inaugural Autumn International Series, while England’s second side, the Knights, have played both Ireland and Scotland in the annual Alitalia European Cup.

Continuing a month of firsts, the Thailand and Philippines national teams competed in the inaugural Asia Cup. Staged in Bangkok, the match was supported by the RLIF and will look to expand in 2013.

Vanuatu also played their first 13-a-side international, when it took on Greece in Port Vila.

Combined with continued happenings across numerous domestic competitions, the past four to five weeks have been highly enjoyable.

In this month’s issue not only have we covered each of these internationals, but we also feature the climax of both the Czech Republic and Serbian domestic seasons.

We also welcome on board Impact Rugby who will provide a custom-made headgear for one lucky winner of our monthly competition.

Mark is back, for another common sense article “From the Outside looking In” covering Australia’s approach to its national team and international rugby league.

Shamrock is also back, this month ranting about one of his pet hates – the referees.

Sam also covers the first edition of the Road to the World Cup’ focusing on the USA. He also provides a Q&A with Boston 13s’ Mik Shammas

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