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By Matthew Brown, Date: 30/11/12

Hey everyone, this is a series from yours truly “dragons4eva” commenting on numerous issues, opinions and issues in the world of Rugby League. I hope to cover what has happened in the worldly sport that we know is Rugby League and give my twist on what has/should have happened. So let’s get the ball rolling…( and please be nice this is my first “official” blog lol)

Shoulder Charge being banned by the ARLC

This has been a big issue dividing the game around the world and especially in Australia. Many fans, players and coaches have slammed the ARLC as they believe it is an important part of our game and we might as well be playing “union” because it made our game unique. On the other hand…doctors and medics have come out supporting the move as they believed it is a dangerous ploy that threatens player safety. We saw Dean Young last year taken off the field in a neck brace and forced to leave the field on a stretcher.

It’s a very debatable issue as I’ve spoken to numerous older and younger fans too who support the move as positive as it has the potential to damage the players long term health.

Dragon Verdict?
Well the dragon says in theory yes this is true…however in reality the way it has been implemented has been wrong. The ARLC didn’t even consult players, coaches and their affiliated leagues BEFORE making the decision. Yes it is their job to do what’s best for the game…however it should have been done the right way.

Also the RLIF WAS NOT consulted. I’ve seen numerous international federations (apart from the NZRL) come out and be very surprised by the move. If the rules of a sport are going to be changed you can’t just go it alone. Everyone MUST be notified from the Barramundi Dolphins in rural NSW to the president of the RLIF if a change to the INTERNATIONAL rules of the sport is to become implemented. Not by a group of 8 people in a board room by themselves on a Monday Morning!

On the shoulder charge itself I believe should be kept in our game. Yes it is a very dangerous ploy by players to do it…however it what’s separates us from Union and other sporting codes! The ARLC should have consulted the RLIF first and foremost and put a general consensus for the Shoulder Charge to stay in our game…however….have serve penalties if a player gets it wrong.

For example, if Greg Inglis had done what he did to Dean Young under the rules I have suggested…he would be looking for up to 3 to 6 months out of the game for enticing dangerous contact with a players head. This may seem harsh however it may make players think twice before trying to make a shoulder charge.

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