International - December issue

By Richard Cowley, Date 27/12/12

Rugby League Planet and Consultivity welcome you to the third issue of international. The team has continued to work hard this past month. readership figures of our first two issues have been overwhelming, with over 30 countries now enjoying the magazine.

Although most international tournaments and matches have come to an end, there is still plenty of news from around the globe.

In the December issue, we will be covering all the happenings from around the world, with positive stories emerging from Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Jamaica and Ghana.

After a successful readers’ competition in the November issue, Impact Rugby is back on board with another custom made head gear to give away. Simply answer the question by emailing your name and contact details to

Mark is back, for another common sense article. This time covering the Australian National Rugby League competition’s international broadcasting agreements.

Shamrock is also back, this month taking us inside a conversation he shared with his father-in-law; rugby league vs union.

Sam also covers the second edition of the Road to the World Cup’ focusing this month on the Tonga and Papua New Guinea. He also provides another Q&A, this time with Tonga’s Patrick Maile.

International Mag is continuing to source advertising, along with financial and in-kind partnerships. If you are interested. send an email to

Merry Chrismas,

Shaun Cumming

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