By Richard Cowley, Date: 19/2/13

In line with PNG Rugby League’s new strategy, the PNGNRL bid team have now been renamed the PNG Rugby League Foundation.


The PNGRLF are now focused on entering a team in the Queensland Cup in 2014. This is a more realistic goal for PNG and will help build the foundations for a possible NRL team if the NRL decide to expand in the future.

The change in direction is a smart move by the PNGRL. They will now be able to battle harden their best players in arguably the 3rd best rugby league competition in the World. Having a PNG team in the competition will also add an international flavour to the Queensland Cup.

PNG’s best rugby league players will now have more opportunities to land a contract with one of the NRL clubs increasing their strength at International level. The flow on effect of this decision will reap many benefits for both the PNGRL and Queensland RL for years to come.