By Analia Pavan, Date: 20/2/13

After the arrival of Stefano Cardella and Francesco De Milito to Coventry Bears ten days ago now it’s Fabrizio Ciaurro’s time to join the English team, he will arrive and be part on Tuesday.


Stefano Cardella, man of XIII of Duomo of Milan in the last two Italian seasons, prop, hooker or second line with 22 years old and experience in the Azzurra during the last European Shield, was the first Italian to land in Coventry on 11 February and on Sunday made his debut in a friendly game that the Bears lost 64-22 against North Wales Crusaders.

For the first time being part of the semi-professional team formed in 1998, the Italian admitted that “the first impression is good, the team is very young but there is a lot of quality and I am confident that by working hard and together we can do very well this year”.

Like Francesco De Milito (also he an ex XIII of Duomo of Milan), Cardella will remain in the team for the National Conference League until the end of the season which begins in two weeks: “I hope to be confirmed and remain even after October (note: when Italy will play his first World Cup) but now the first objective is to train hard and try to be in the first team, grow up about rugby and also as a person”.

Talking about his debut, Cardella explained that “it was very good, we played against a team of a higher category (Championship 1) but I have to say that we managed very well and we went out of the field with our head on. Physically I feel good, the game was very physical with devastating impacts but overall I feel very good. Thinking about the Italian games here we have much more impact and a lot more speed in the transmission of the ball so you can’t get into the field if you are not concentrated because really risks to hurt yourself”.

The fullback Fabrizio Ciaurro, however, will be part of the Bears starting on Tuesday when his flight will arrive in Coventry from Italy. The Italian, born 24 years ago in Cordoba, Argentina, played last season in rugby union for Bassa Bresciana and at the same time the league championship with Brescia RL, played with Cardella for the Azzurra during the past Euro Shield (sub captain ) and was also selected as the best Italian player of the category in 2012.

“I think it is not easy to leave Italy,” said Ciaurro before flying, “but this is the best option to try to grow up as a player. Being part of this team and taking advantage of all the infrastructure that they have motivates you to make this decision of the new experience”.

Already with his mind in England, Ciaurro knows that “the goal now is personal and it’s to continue to improve physical and technically. That ‘s why I want to be on the field as much as I can because it’s the only way to arrive to my other goals, which are make a good season with the Bears and to do my best in the things coming for the national team”.

The Italian debut in the World Cup will be the 26th of October in Cardiff against Wales and Cardella and Ciaurro agreed that “although certainly the possibility for us to be at the World Cup with Italy and in a good shape will be improved by this experience, here we have a lot of to learn and improve”.

“My goal is not to be the best,” said Ciaurro, “but it’s every time doing better”.

“The rest, if has to arrive, will arrive by himself”, closed Cardella.
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