Norway Rugby League
Norway Rugby League

By Richard Cowley, Date: 25/2/13

Norway Rugby League continues to make strides at international level by announcing they are set take on Canada’s Wolverines in Toronto on the 7th of September 2013.


Norway have been making great strides back at home and have recently split there local competition into two conferences involving 8 teams. The international against Canada will do the local competition no harm with the game set to bring much needed media exposure for rugby league in Norway.

On the other side of the World Canada Rugby League have shown that they are well organised when it comes to hosting internationals. Over 4600 were on hand to see Canada defeat Jamaica 18-12 in Toronto last year. Canada will go into the game as favourites with the national team well experienced at international level compared to the Norweigens.

With their own TV segment Canada Rugby League have done well to promote rugby league in general. This promotion and drive to see the game become successful has seen rugby league take off in British Columbia. 

Come September the international between Canada and Norway will wet the appetite for those rugby league fans waiting for the World Cup to kick-off in October.

Norway Rugby League 2012 International Results
Jul 28th Sweden 10 – Norway 36 (Nordic Cup)

Canada Rugby League 2012 International Results
Oct 6th Canada 4 – England Lions 68
Sep 22nd United States 36 – Canada 14 (Colonial Cup)
Sep 8th Canada 24 – United States 28 (Colonial Cup)
Aug 11th Canada 36 – Lebanon 18
Jul 21st Canada 18 – Jamaica 12 (Carribean Carnival Cup)
Jun 17th Canada A 16 – Royal Air Force Rugby League 22