By Dane Campbell, Date:28/2/13

The Vanuatu-South Sea Invitational team have enjoyed the past 3 days in the North Queensland towns of Bowen and Ayr and have now arrived safely into Townsville, where the team will play against renowned opposition in Townsville Brothers.


The game will mark the 1st game of a “double header” weekend, where the Vanuatu-South Sea team will play On Friday night (Townsville Brothers) and then again on Sunday (Norths Mackay). Given the impressive first up hit out against Central Capras in Rockhampton last weekend, the team has been in good spirits and training hard. Expectations are high for a strong showing and although the team from last weekend will be without seasoned campaigners in James Wood and Herbie Henderson, new players coming into the 2 games this weekend will prove a fresh impact of enthusiasm.

The Vanuatu-South Sea Invitational tour is being supported by the Queensland Government through the Multicultural

The Vanuatu-South Sea Invitational team for Friday night’s game against Townsvile Brothers is:

1. Kunro Kalo
2. Patrick August
3. Alex Marango
4. Roger Tokona
5. Paul O’Neill
6. Ryder Franklin
7. John Nash
8. Kalpat Steedman
9. Tonny Lui
10. Geoffrey Kausei
11. Peirez Kenie
12. Jason Pakoasongi
13. Thomas Lemon

14. Jake Henaway
15. Robbie Congoo
16. Ian Vuti
17. James Wilfred
18. Simeon Fuller
19. Tim Miller