Trinidad and Tobago Rugby League
Trinidad and Tobago Rugby League

By Phil Caplan, Date: 16/3/13

The Trinidad and Tobago Rugby League Association has been recognised by their Ministry of Sport, the second Caribbean nation to achieve such a mark.

“March 1st, 2013 marked a momentous occasion for the TTRLA,” said founder and president Chad Simeon, less than a year after being accorded Observer status with the RLEF. “The TTRLA is honoured and is very optimistic about the momentum rugby league will gain here as a result.”

Simeon, who first picked up the sport while studying in Jamaica, is now looking forward to developing the sport on the islands and some full-blooded internationals against the reggae rugby boys.

Kingston-based Caribbean RL Development Manager, Romeo Monteith, who worked with the newcomers on building their organisation, was delighted with the recognition, calling it, “an historic achievement.” He will now work with both the TTRLA and the Jamaican Rugby League Association on the first official international fixture between West Indies nations.

“This augurs well for the continued development of rugby league in the region and we certainly hope more countries will take up the game,” said Monteith. “We envisage a fierce rivalry to follow between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago at the Caribbean level and expect the TTRLA to eventually face our rugby league friends in Canada and the USA.”

Simeon and his fellow board members will now set about developing locally through educational institutions.

Monteith is also in touch with contacts in St Lucia and Guyana, both of whom have expressed an interest in introducing rugby league to their countries.