Serbia Rugby League

By Phil Caplan, Date: 21/3/13

Serbian coach Marko Jankovic has overseen a four-week camp to select candidates for the national team. Jankovic organised four training camps which included four games, testing more than 50 hopefuls for the second half of Serbia’s European Shield campaign.

The training camps ended with the Risman Cup, a full-blooded trial match between “Red” and “White” teams at SC Inge in Belgrade. The “White” team overcame an 18-6 half time deficit to win 32-28, and fulfilled its purpose of providing an opportunity for players to put their best foot forward for Eagles selection.

Jankovic was satisfied with the results. “We have completed this cycle successfully. The match was a battle; it was the quality of moves and right up until the end the outcome was uncertain. After these camps I can say that we have got a lot of new players that we can count on and we have further intensified the competition.

“Anyone who wants to wear the Serbian national jersey must earn it with hard work and good performance. That’s the only way, but there are many more ways to lose the jersey. Our obligation is for players to progress in terms of development, which the vast majority did during the camps.”

The representative preparations continue in four weeks when the Serbian Origin Cup commences, pitting Serbian Country against Belgrade City.

Nikola Tatic, Nemanja Bozic, Bosko Markovic, Stevan Stevanovic, Marko Cuk, Filip Stosic, Vojislav Dedic, Nenad Radević, Milos Zogovic, Darko Stosic, Ivan Djordjevic, Stefan Stojilkovic, Mirko Bozovic, Nik Ramisvili, Nikola Grubor, Vladan Kikanovic.

Tries: – M.Zogovic (24 ‘, 79’), M.Cuk (42 ‘, 47’, 76 ‘), N.Radevic (59’)
Goals: – N.Tatic 1/1, Vo.Dedic 1/2, M.Zogovic 2/2, V.Kikanovic 0/1

Lazar Beric, Mihailo Boskovic, Ivan Mitic, Ivan Maksimovic, Milos Djurkovic, Djordje Obradovic, Vladislav Dedic, Zlatko Pesic, Uros Mitrasinovic, Igor Vratnjan, Vladica Nikolic, Nemanja Petrovic, Stefan Nedeljkovic, Radoslav Novakovic, Ilija Tintor, Strahinja Jevtic.

Tries: – S.Nedeljkovic (28 ‘, 38’, 72 ‘), S.Jevtic (31 ‘), V.Nikolic (65’)
Goals: – Vl.Dedic 4/5