Russian playing kit - last resort
Russian playing kit - last resort

By Richard Cowley, Date: 22/03/2013

The Russian’s go into the second leg of this year’s European Shield undefeated after putting Serbia, Italy and Germany to the sword last year. There is high hopes in the Russian camp. One more win and they take the series and bring home the European Shield.

With the Rugby League European Shield fast approaching the Russian’s could be running out against Serbia on the 25th of May in nothing more than thermal underwear if a kit sponsor isn’t found soon.

Please like, share and retweet the Russian plight to as many people as you can. They need all the support the rugby league community can give them.

The comrades who are flying the flag for rugby league in Russia are doing it tough. The Russian Ministry of sports still defines Rugby League as a sport that doesn’t exist. The Rugby League Harry Houdini act might be keeping the officials in the halls of the Russian Ministry of sports entertained, but it has been far from entertaining for the true believers of rugby league in Russia.

Last week The Russian Rugby League received a letter of support from the Moscow region Minister of sports. The letter was addressed to the Russian Minister of sports with a request to re-register Rugby League in the Russian sports registry.

Russian Rugby League delegates delivered all the required documents to the Ministry, but it wasn’t without insult with officials initially refusing to accept the documents advising that the Russian Rugby League must switch to Rugby Union to have any chance of receiving government assistance.

After some persistence from the Russian Rugby League, the officials from the Russian Ministry of Sports finally accepted the documents and passed them onto Deputy Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov for consideration. The Russian Rugby League now wait for Pavel Kolobkov’s reply.

With their first match of the European Shield fast approaching the Russians are calling out to the rugby league world to assist with playing kits for the national team. If there are any kit manufactures out there who could assist the Russian’s with kits or maybe even sponsor the national team please don’t leave it too late. If a solution isn’t found by the 25th of May we might see a new type of Russian toughness not yet seen on the footy field in 118 years.

Please email if you think you can assist in some way.