Untited States

By Richard  Cowley ,Date: 23/3/12

The USA Rugby League (USARL) and the American National Rugby League (AMNRL) have been locked in negotiations with the aim of bringing the game of rugby league back under one umbrella in the United States. The latest meeting between key stakeholders took place only a few days ago. Officials from the USARL and the AMNRL have been hard at work putting together a governance structure to take rugby league forward in a united front in the USA.

Besides a new governance structure a new competition format involving teams from both the AMNRL and the USARL is also being negotiated. There are a few options on the table with a two division format or two conference system currently being explored. As time is running out before the US rugby league season kicks-off, both competitions will most likely run separately for the 2013 season. If the two sides do come to an agreement before the season start’s it’s possible that cross over matches between the two competitions could be played during the 2013 season.

A meeting is being scheduled to take place on the 27th April in Philadelphia. All club stakeholders will be invited to discuss the proposed governance and competition structure and set the agenda for the future of rugby league to move forward in the US.

Tas Baitieri from the Rugby League International Federation gives his views on the latest developments in the US “The fact all clubs will be invited to a general meeting of all concerned is to clear the air on the past and set an agenda for the future and capitalise on the 2013 USA involvement in the World Cup.”

It’s still early days but there are positive signs that both organisations can work together to re-unify rugby league in the US. If the game can come back together then in time we could be looking at another world power in the game of rugby league.