Italia Rugby League XIII

By Tiziano Franchini, Date: 29/3/13

The FIRL Technical Committee , announces the selection process for the Italian national team that will play in the Rugby League World Cup 2013.

The selection process will be open to all registered members of FIRL and will be the same for all players. This process will bring the best Italian Rugby League players to the World cup to try to achieve the best possible results.

Within this system the technical staff of FIRL will also monitor the progress of professional players as well as domestic players.

The criteria for selection is as follows, membership with FIRL federation, then players involved will follow the same process which will include participation in the Italian SERIE A domestic league , from which will be selected the best players who will take part in the ‘ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN.

During the ‘ITALIAN STATE OF ORIGIN 2013, to be held in Piacenza on 20 July 2013, the Italian National team coaches, will select a group that will play international matches in the ”EUROPEAN SHIELD.

The EUROPEAN SHIELD, will give players a chance to prove their qualities with an aim of possible World Cup selection.

The Italian national squad, will then gather in Italy before at the start of October 2013 to start their preparation for the World Cup.

FIRL foreign committees will organise trials to test the best non domestic Italian players, to make the ITALIAN XIII squad as competitive as possible.

In summary, the selection process follows through the participation and involvement of all players in all FIRL organised competitions , It is here the participants will have a chance to prove themselves to be worthy of playing on this world stage.