International Magazine March 2013

By Shaun Cumming, Date: 31/3/13

Rugby League Planet and iRL Media welcome you to the sixth issue of international. Sixth! Who would have thought this team of voluntary writers would have produced six months worth of issues.

It has not always been easy, yet we have contined to bring you the latest news from around the world. International magazine has also undergone restructuring – now sitting under the iRL Media banner, along with iRL Blogs and iRL Radio, namely the USA Rugby League Podcast.

Impact Rugby continues to sponsor our readers’ competition with another custom made headgear to give away. Simply answer the question by emailing your name and contact details to

Other news from around the globe includes the latst from Italy, Fiji, Russia, Serbia and a heap more.

Mark is back, this time tipping his hat and wishing a very happy birthday to a very important member of Russian rugby league

Shamrock continues to vent his ever growing frustration, this time about the media. Meanwhile Sam turns his focus to fiji and Louise has the iRL spotlight fixated on Jarrod Sammut.

We are also fortunate to have Megan Lorine, Philadelphia Fight cheerleader, featuring her 5 Favourite things about being a rugby league cheerleader.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the March issue of International.

Happy reading!

Shaun Cumming

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