Italia Rugby Football League

By Joel Morgan, Date: 1/4/13

A major opportunity for FIRFL Secretary General and former Azzurri XIII Pierluigi Gentile will result in a boost for the rugby league movement in Italy with the Gladiators Roma Coach being appointed the new General Director of Rugby Città di Frascati – a semi-professional rugby club in the Serie B tier.

Gentile stated “I’m really very happy for the opportunity that it presents, my role within the Italian Rugby a Tredici Federation (FIRFL) – concluded Gentile – underlines how the world of rugby can bring together the two souls and how all are working towards a single objective: to enhance the world of the oval ball.”

When quizzed about how this affects Rugby League, Mr Gentile stated “It will mean now 450 kids will be under rugby league” receiving and participate in rugby league development – a never before seen major opportunity seen in Italy at the grassroots level! On top of naturally creating a larger participation it will mean the FIRFL will have a home base and field at Stadio del Rugby di Cocciano, in Frascati, Rome.

The new CEO, succeeding the resigning Bruno Formicola, will be officially presented Monday, April 1 to 11 with Frascati in the Easter event.

Pierluigu Gentile