By Richard Cowley, Date: 4/4/13

Papua New Guinea’s contribution to Australia during World War II cannot be underestimated. While Australia and its Allies met the invading Japanese troops in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea, local tribes along the Kokada trail became legendary.

Known as the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angles these brave Papua New Guinean’s put their life on the line to assist the Australian’s with supply lines. They also carried wounded Australian troops out of the remote Jungles of PNG, either on stretchers or their backs and in many cases nursed the wounded back to health.

Each year Australia and New Zealand play the one off rugby league test match still known as the ANZAC test. With a whole weekend now freed up for internationals maybe it’s time to invite Papua New Guinea to participate as a mark of respect for the sacrifices they made during World War II.

The game could be a part of a double header. Australian PM’s XIII against a full strength Papua New Guinea team. Or even Papua New Guinea national team against another rugby league playing nation who assisted the Australian’s in the war efforts along the Kokada trail like the United States.

Stand-alone or double header it makes no difference. We need to honour the contribution Papua New Guinea made in World War II in many ways that we as Australian’s can. This would be one way of doing just that.