Italia Rugby League XIII

Analia Pavan, Date: 10/4/13

Message from the President Italian Federation Rugby League is happy to present his new President Orazio D’Arro who started his mandate on January 2013: “I invite all players and administrators to contact our federation and join our journey and the dream of bringing rugby league to the Italian community”.

“Words cannot explain the honour and the pride it means to me to be appointed the President of F.I.R.L. It is a continuation of the great honour to captain the national team from 1995 to 2000.

The appointment is a great achievement for me personally but it will be an opportunity for me to give back to the great game of Rugby league and provide opportunities to all Italians. I shall be endeavour to fulfil my duties this term with the goal to be FIRL President for as long as my board and members see fit that I am the best leader for our organization. I am the custodian of our game and I must ensure the correct pathway for our development”.

“It is my responsibility as President to ensure that the Federation grows and develops into a mature and innovative group that provides equal opportunity for all and it will be pre requisite that our group becomes self-efficient and continue to grow on to higher domestic levels and become a top 5 nation on the international scene within the next ten years while still attending to growth and opportunity within our juniors and growing our female league.

It will also be my objective to deliver the qualities of Rugby league on and off the field as it is a game which creates and defines a person’s character. It is a game which will harness the passion and excitement in our young and will deliver the dreams of many Italians but it will also teach you about the difficulties of life and how to overcome these challenges.

During my term I shall endeavour to unite all under the F.I.R.L Banner and be a strong ambassador of our group to all bodies. It will also be my prime objective to finalise our membership with Coni and shore up and continue our Strong relationship with The European rugby league and international rugby league boards.

This will also be encompassed by a ground breaking collaborative relationship with the Italian federation Rugby union which will define new boundaries and create a pathway of success. As any leader I will be judged at the end of my term by the results I achieve . But it will be the smile of the player walking off the field who has just enjoyed a game of rugby league which will be my reward”.

“Our development program is multi levelled program. It is our objective to develop Rugby league throughout Italy by growing our domestic competition and creating new conferences in all regions of Italy this organic growth will ensure long term success and the goal of a quality competition producing quality players. The current Italian clubs are our life blood and nucleus of our strategic growth. Therefore the resident Italians shall be given priority to represent Italy at many events throughout the calendar year. The domestic players from our domestic competition will have eight games to represent Italy plus put their best foot forward to go to the Rugby league world cup to partner with the elite of the NRL and English super league.

The development plan has been created to provide opportunities outside of soccer and rugby but yet not to challenge these great sports. It is also targeted to grow and establish a foothold in Italy while there is an economic down turn, this down turn is the perfect timing to implement growth and work to provide educational and financial opportunities for Italian communities. The FIRL board shall be working vigorously and tirelessly to implement programs in many areas to ensure that our development continues. Like any successful group we have goals and targets that we must achieve on a quarterly basis, every step shall contribute to our rugby league world cup experience and the development of our competition”.

“Our goal is to have success at the Rugby League World Cup 2013 and provide a platform for Rugby league to grow in Italy. The RLWC will expose the great game of Rugby league to the Italian public, it will show another opportunity for young Italians to aspire to represent their country and experience the friendship and the bond the game brings”.

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“Development in our domestic competition shall be our primary objective we shall work with vigour and continuously, with our local players , coaches and administrators from our domestic competition to achieve success as these people shall be our best advocates to spread the word of what a great game Rugby league is whereas events such as the RLWC will be an international event which we will allow us to promote Rugby league in Italy at an accelerated rate.

The availability of players such as Craig Gower and Anthony Minichiello will raise our profile and assist us to be a competitive force on and off the field. But where our game needs to grow is on the domestic level therefore I invite all players and administrators to contact our federation and join our journey and the dream of bringing rugby league to the Italian community”.

Orazio D’Arro
President FIRL