Morocco Rugby League
Morocco Rugby League

By Phil Caplan, Date: 19/4/13

The Moroccan Rugby League Federation, MRLF, has conducted a first coaching course since becoming officially recognised by the RLEF in 2012. The course was run by the French Federation’s Thierry Dumaine, supported by FMRL coach-tutor candidate Anas Mansour, in Casablanca.

“This signals a major development in our country,” said FMRL president Mustapha Jedoual. “I would like to take the opportunity to thank Thierry Dumaine for his visit, for his valuable advice and for the commitment he showed to our cause.”

Dumaine, who led the France Cadets in their Easter tour to England, sharing a two match Test series, is hopeful that the Moroccans will use the course as a springboard for future growth. “It was a pleasure to participate,” he noted. “The 20 candidates showed real enthusiasm and interest over the three days and certainly have the potential to develop as coaches. This is just one important stage and I hope that they use it as part of a long term plan that will include possible qualification for the 2017 World Cup.”

Mansour attended the launch of the RLEF Technical Strategy in London two years ago and the second phase in Beirut and is expected to play a leading role in Morocco rugby league’s future.

RLEF General Manager Danny Kazandjian observed part of the course. “The historical, social and cultural ties between France and Morocco run extremely deep, and the closer the cooperation between the French and Moroccan Federations, the stronger the game will be in the kingdom,” he commented. “My visit was also a good opportunity to discuss with the FMRL board what steps they must take to obtain a royal federation under Moroccan law, one that this fully recognised by the government.”

Middle East North Africa Regional Director Remond Safi was pleased that three regional nations were involved in education courses, a first for the MENA. “It has been remarkable as the MENA Region saw two technical courses happening at the same time, in Morocco and UAE, led by Lebanese and French staff,” he said. “History has been made with the very first coaching courses in Morocco and the Emirates since the launch of the RLEF Technical Strategy and with the new generation of coaches we will see regional development continue to accelerate.”

Both Morocco and UAE will run domestic championships for the first time this year, with clubs led by the newly trained and qualified coaches.