United Arab Emirates Rugby League
United Arab Emirates Rugby League

By Phil Caplan, Date: 24/4/13

The Lebanese Rugby League Federation has delivered Level 1 Coaching and Introduction to Match Officiating courses in Dubai, LRLF Development Officer Nayef Abi Said and LRLF interim COO Faysal Jaber conducting proceedings.

Seven coaches qualified over the two-day sessions and they will work in the inaugural four-team domestic competition, the TBWA/RAAD Rugby League Cup, which begins next month.

Emirates National Rugby League President Sol Mokdad said: “The interest in the coaching course was great. It was imperative for our development and also takes us a step closer to creating our own confederation.”

Nayef Abi Said added: “The enthusiasm and commitment of the participants was stimulating. When you think of the lack of resources and harsh environments they operate in, I can only marvel at their energy and the unfailing passion they have for our sport.”