South African Rugby League


The Gauteng Sports Council this weekend confirmed the membership of the Gauteng Rugby League Association. This is part of the process that SARL is currently following to get official recognition for the sport in South Africa.

Barry Hendricks, President of Gauteng Sports Council, said “It give us great pleasure to inform South African Rugby League that their regional organization’s application for membership to the Gauteng Sports Council has been unanimously accepted by our members at the Annual General Meeting held on the 4th May 2013.

We look forward to working with you to grow the sport of rugby league in the province of Gauteng, not only in the major cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane but also in the other areas of the province.”

Kobus Botha, President of South African Rugby League and Nico Pretorius, Vice-president of South African Rugby League, and chairman of the Gauteng Rugby League Association, both expressed their pleasure with the news. “Currently South African Rugby League is facing difficulty with achieving recognition from SASCOC, even though the sport is internationally recognized by the Commonwealth Games Federation and played internationally since 1895. It is encouraging to see that the regional sporting bodies are open minded to such an exciting sport and the amazing opportunities it presents to all South Africans.”

The SARL Student Team will be leaving for the United Kingdom in July 2013 to compete in the 14th Rugby League Student World Cup, and are basically travelling as a “rebel team” because SASCOC is unwilling to recognize rugby league as a sport in South Africa.