Este Rams Rugby League
Este Rams Rugby League

Date: 16/5/13

The ESTE Rams , finalists from last season, have big goals for this season, according to their manager David Veronese.

David, who are the Este Rams?

The Este Rams are a club founded in 2012 by a group of enthusiasts who, intrigued by rugby league, decided to come together to create a team and join the Italian league . This initial curiosity turned into a passion that has involved a large number of players and has led us to reconfirm our participation for the second year running in the rugby league championship and to develop many different projects that revolve around this sport”.

Tell us about last season experience for the Rams?

Last season the Rams made our debut in the FIRL rugby league championship, this has been nothing short of exciting. The discovery of the game, our excitement that the FIRL technicians were able to transmit, and the beauty of the sport, has made a lot of our club players fall in love with this game, where in every match the players gave their all and not without a few sacrifices and difficulties.

The Rams placed in second place in the Italian league second only to the XIII del Ducato, very experienced rugby league. We also had the honor of having 5 players in the national under-18 squad, which, was no small feat for a rookie team.

What are the goals for this new season?

The goal for this season is very ambitious: that is to win the championship. We are aware of the great difficulties that we will encounter, the level of competition is steadily increasing, and with the entry into the championship of teams like Florence and Modena and the Cecina Sharks this will continue to raise the level. This competition will give us the incentive to give even more to try and take home the title of Italian champions.

And for the future?

For the future there are many projects. We have started to work within both primary and secondary schools with the aim of creating within 4/5 years a large number of mini junior athletes and athletes who can compete in a youth championship. We are also trying to create a women’s competition with all the positive feedback that rugby league has had in our area. There are sure to be many difficulties but the constant support of the FIRL, gives us the strength to continue in these ambitious projects.