Andrea Sola
Andrea Sola

By: Date: 22/5/13

Today we are proud to present to the world of rugby league The XIII of GHIRLANDINA, a new Italian rugby league club, from Modena. This club wants to become a reference point for the development of rugby league in the province of Modena.

We are here with Andrea Sola, representative of the Italian rugby league team, Andrew, introduce yourself to the world of rugby league:

“My name is Andrea Sola, president and coach of the XIII of Ghirlandina, I am a Rugby Union and Rugby League player, who fell in love with this physical and fast sport. “

Tell us about your experience in rugby league?

“My experience in rugby league began in Piazzola sul Brenta (home of the Padua Grifons), when with some friends (Fabio Nannini, companion from Beach Rugby and the Italian national rugby league team) attended a rugby league training, held by current vice-president of the Italian Rugby Federation League Tiziano Franchini and Matthew Sands. Since then I played one season with the team from Florence, (Magnificient) and two seasons with the champions of Italy the XIII del Ducato from Piacenza. “

What prompted you to create the XIII of Ghirlandina with Luca Cerza?

“I decided, along with my fellow italian representative Luca Cerza, to establish the XIII of Ghirlandina to help develop rugby league, in my home town of Modena and to give an opportunity to capable and willing young people in my town and my territory, to aspire to represent Italy and to enjoy this wonderful sport.

What do you expect from this year?

“This season I expect that there will be many difficulties, because as a new Club we will need to get players, find sponsors and get the use of training facilities to train the boys. Nevertheless, I am very positive and confident, I know that the effort and time I am putting into this project will bear fruit, and we are confident we will do a good job. My goal is to raise the level of the Italian championship and to broaden the base of players and quality for our national team, which this year is engaged in its first World Cup in England and Wales. “

The finals of the Championship will be played in Modena, July 13, 2013, one more reason to get to the finals?

“Definitely Luca and I are ambitious, we would like to take our Club, to the Grand final, which is held at our home”, “Andrea smiles and said:” we will do everything possible to be there. “

Which team of the Italian Serie A RL, do you fear the most this year?

“In our pool we are aware of the strength of the team from Florence, because they have players like Fabio Nannini and Marcelo Segundo national team veterans, who won against Gareth Thomas Welsh team. They are great friends but also formidable opponents.”

What are your plans for the future, of the XIII of Ghirlandina?

“The future of the XIII of Ghirlandina is a” WORK IN PROGRESS “I’d like to become a reference point for all the guys who play rugby (both the League and as Union) to increase their fitness levels and their “technical knowledge” during the FIRL season, also as a springboard to achieve ambitious goals (high level, opportunities abroad and with the Italian national team). “