Italy Rugby League
Italy Rugby League

By:Tiziano Franchini, Date: 21/5/13

Today, F.I.R.L. wants to introduce to the rugby league world the new Italian club, the North West Roosters. let’s talk with the founders of this new club located in the Piemonte Area, Chris De Meyer and Gert Peens.

Chris, please introduce yourself and explain to us your commitment with the rugby league?

My name is Chris de meyer, born and raise in South Africa. Always played rugby union till last year when I was introduced to rugby league by my Friend Gert Peens who played with me and who is also one of the partners off North West Rooster’s. I think I don’t need to explain who is Gert Peens”.

What did it push you to create a rugby league club?

“We have always watched rugby league on TV and liked it a lot, but never played it. Last year we were fortunate to play it for the first time at club level as well at national level and we fell in love with the game. The main reason for opening the North West Rooster’s is too take the game to those who never played it and give them the opportunity to learn other experiences!”.

Tell us what is your best experience with the italian rugby league?

“The best experience was the European Shield games we, both, played for Italy! It was really a great experience to work with the coaches and team mates”.

F.I.R.L. is extremely happy that you brought back rugby league in Piemonte Area, because in the 1949 Turin club was the first italian rugby league club, were you aware about it?

“We were not aware that there was a rugby league club in Turin. But we are very happy to bring back rugby league to this area and will work hard to make it a success!”.

What do you expect about this new experience?

“We think it will be a nice experience for a lot of the players! Sometimes is going to be hard but we need to stand up a make the best of all the situations we going to face”.

How do you see the North West Roosters in 5 years?

North West Rooster’s in 5 years want to be able to play a good level of rugby league in Italy with a good number of players off all ages that can present Italy in the future.

Is FIRL providing you a good support?

The support that we get from F.I.R.L is good and they really do everything to help where they can. Keep it up like that and together we can go BIG!

Chris De Meyer and Gert Peens