By Richard Cowley, Date: 7/6/13

The RLIF have released the Rugby League World rankings for June with Australia still at the top of the pile.

Netherlands are the latest country to make their debut in the RLIF rankings while Belgium hold up the table ranked at number 31.

The Cook Islands are the only nation playing in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup that are not ranked in the top 14 nations.

Russia who have been making a resurgence of late are ranked at 14 and have played way more internationals than the Cook Islands. The latest rankings it could be argued highlight a case for Russia’s involvement over the Cook Islands in this years World Cup. Cook Islands automatically qualified for the World Cup and were not required to play any World Cup qualifiers.

With over 47 international matches still to be played in 2013 it’s expected there will be many positional changes in the RLIF rankings over the next 6 months.

RLIF World Rankings June 2013

1 – Australia
2 – New Zealand
3 – England
4 – France
5 – Wales
6 – Papua New Guinea
7 – Fiji
8 – Samoa
9 – Ireland
10 – Tonga
11 – Scotland
12 – USA
13 – Italy
14 – Russia
15 – Serbia
16 – Lebanon
17 – Cook Islands
18 – Germany
19 – Canada
20 – Norway
21 – Malta
22 – Jamaica
23 – Ukraine
24 – South Africa
25 – Latvia
26 – Denmark
27 – Estonia
28 – Sweden
29 – Netherlands
30 – Morocco
31 – Belgium

2013 Future international fixtures scheduled as of the 7th June

Jun 14th England v Exiles (International Origin)
Jun 15th Jamaica v Trinidad
Jun 29th Italy v Russia (European Shield)
Jul 6th Ukraine v Norway (European Bowl)
Jul 6th Canada v United States (Colonial Cup)
Jul 13th Norway v Czech Republic (European Bowl)
Jul 20th Canada v Jamaica (Caribbean Carnival Cup)
Jul 27th Germany v Italy (European Shield)
Aug 10th Russia v Germany (European Shield)
Aug 24th United States v Canada (Colonial Cup)
Sep 7th Canada v Norway
Sep 14th Italy v Serbia (European Shield)
Sep 21st Canada v United States (Colonial Cup)
Sep 29th Czech Republic v Ukraine (European Bowl)
Sep 29th Papua New Guinea PM XIII – Australia PM XIII
Oct 18th France v United States (Test Match)
Oct 19th Philippines v Japan (Asia Cup)
Oct 21st Japan v Thailand (Asia Cup)
Oct 23rd Philippines v Thailand (Asia Cup)
Oct 26th 2.30pm England v Australia (World Cup)
Oct 26th 4.30pm Wales v Italy (World Cup)
Oct 27th 4.00pm France v Papua New Guinea (World Cup)
Oct 27th 6.00pm New Zealand v Samoa (World Cup)
Oct 28th 8.00pm Fiji v Ireland (World Cup)
Oct 29th 8.00pm Scotland v Tonga (World Cup)
Oct 30th 8.00pm Cook Islands v USA (World Cup)
Nov 1st 8.00pm France v New Zealand (World Cup)
Nov 2nd 2.30pm England v Ireland (World Cup)
Nov 2nd 8.00pm Australia v Fiji (World Cup)
Nov 3rd 2.00pm Wales v USA (World Cup)
Nov 3rd 4.00pm Scotland v Italy (World Cup)
Nov 4th 8.00pm Samoa v Papua New Guinea (World Cup)
Nov 5th 8.00pm Tonga v Cook Islands (World Cup)
Nov 7th 8.00pm Scotland v USA (World Cup)
Nov 8th 8.00pm New Zealand v Papua New Guinea (World Cup)
Nov 9th 2.30pm England v Fiji (World Cup)
Nov 9th 8.00pm Australia v Ireland (World Cup)
Nov 10th 2.00pm Wales v Cook Islands (World Cup)
Nov 10th 4.00pm Tonga v Italy (World Cup)
Nov 11th 8.00pm France v Samoa (World Cup)
Nov 15th 8.00pm Winner B v Winner C (World Cup QF 1)
Nov 16th 1.00pm Winner A v Winner D (World Cup QF 2)
Nov 16th 8.00pm Runner Up A v 3rd place B (World Cup QF 3)
Nov 17th 3.00pm Runner Up B v 3rd place A (World Cup QF 4)
Nov 23rd 1.00pm Winner Q/F 1 v Winner Q/F 3 (World Cup SF 1)
Nov 23rd 3.30pm Winner Q/F 2 v Winner Q/F 4 (World Cup SF 2)
Nov 30th 2.30pm Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2 (World Cup Final)