By Matthew Brown, Date: 24/6/13

Wests-Mitchelton Rugby League Club in Brisbane, Australia, is holding a Nines Competition in late September. A total of 24 teams from across QLD and Northern NSW will enter this competition.

This advertisement is for any Rugby League player who is of South American descent. A team is being organised to represent the Continent of South America in this Tournament. This is a precursor to establishing a league identity for individual league nations (Brazil, Argentina, Chile etc).

Any player who is of South American descent, or aware of someone else who may qualify, is encouraged to email Robert Burgin at
Players must have;

• Been born in South America or have a grandparent or parent born in a South American country.
• Have the ability to obtain a passport of a South American country through their parent or Grandparental heritage.
• Be a citizen of a South American country.

Furthermore, those interested in coaching or assisting with the development of rugby league for the South American community (both at home and abroad) are encouraged to make contact.