Rugby League Development Fund

By Richard Cowley, Date: 1/7/2013

After receiving and reviewing applications from, Russia, Denmark, Ukraine, Ghana and Italy. RLDF members submitted their final vote to decide the winner of the 2013 Rugby League Development Fund Grant.

The winner of the 2013 $2500 AUD Grant is Ghana Rugby League. Ghana Rugby League have only been around for 12 months but in that time have made great progress with little funding. Rugby League Development Fund Members would like to congratulate Ghana on the work done thus far. We hope the RLDF grant will assist with the continued growth of rugby league in Ghana.

RLDF members would also like to thank all the nations who submitted applications. We wish we had enough money to assist you all. Who knows maybe in time as the membership grows this could become a reality.

The Rugby League Development Fund is now taking new members for the 2013 – 2014 period. If you want to play your part in assisting a rugby league nation in need. 

Below is a snapshot from the Ghana Rugby League application giving readers a background to the establishment of rugby league in Ghana and their progress so far.


(Snapshot from application)

Background of Ghana rugby league

The Ghana rugby league was established in June 2012 in Accra Ghana through the rugby league European federation. The game has really engage the youth who show great interest in the sports.

Since its establishment, the Ghana rugby league have been steering the affairs of rugby league in Ghana up to now, with only two employees ( the development manager and a coordinator from a local University), the duo have been able to develop rugby league through the communities, secondary schools, primary schools, churches, security services , polytechnics and universities in the country.
There are ten different regions in Ghana and Accra is the capital, these regions are:

1. Greater Accra region
2. Upper east region
3. Upper west region
4. Central region
5. Brong ahafo region
6. Ashanti region
7. Eastern region
8. Volta region
9. Northern region
10. Western region

Due to lack of funds and logistics, the development manager and the university coordinator have concentrated only on Accra which is the capital.

Within Accra, the duos have been able to educate people on what RL is all about.
With the help of the RLEF, the Ghana Rugby League have trained referees and coaches for over 50 PE teachers, community coaches, universities and the security services.

Just Less than a year, the Ghana Rugby League has been able to secure 44 secondary schools from the Ghana Education Service to take RL as a sport in their schools out of 144 schools nationwide.

Six (6) community clubs have also been formed; these clubs play once a week.