2013 r-Evolution
2013 r-Evolution

By Joel Morgan, Date: 8/7/13

The reigning three time Italian champions and the new “surprise”. The Gladiators Roma and Falchi (Falcons) Pian del Bruscolo are two of the four remaining clubs left for the national semi-finals or “Final Four” of the r-Evolution League (FIRFL) on July 13 and the Grand Final on July 14 in Rome (at the campi dell’Acquacetosa) that will award the 2013 title.

The capitolini are among the founding teams of rugby league 13. “We have three or four guys out through injury – Scrum-half Riccardo Marini says, one of the leading players of the Gladiators-but i am convinced that the guys who will replace them will rise to the occasion. On the other hand we have won the last three titles of Federleague and want to repeat this year, dropping the “poker”, knowing full well that it will be tougher than usual because Albinea, Falchi and Catania (Rectores Belpasso) are teams with greater (increased) level. ” The 13-a-side code has grown visibly in recent times. An increased interest in this sport and we realize tangibly – Marini-confirmed, I hope that we can continue to create enthusiasm and involvement around this code”.

With not much “pressure” on the new team of Pian del Bruscolo Falchi (Northern leaders) , they go to Rome with the aim of having fun – underlines the club’s manager Ivan Federici -“we will be a great experience. We had our first experience in Rugby a 13 and we avoided finishing last in our group. Now we can even play the finals, so we will have a positive result. We will try to bring in as many players as possible although they rise in our area we have to contend with the summer work commitments of our players: here no one is professional, you play amateur but a strong passion for rugby. On the other hand for the Falchi we have a project with clear ideas, focus on youth – says Federici – and with two feeder relationships teams from Pesaro and Misano. Technically it came out a good mix, but the intention is to create a top-class youth set up.”

After an increase from 5 to 9 clubs from 2012 to 2013, the FIRFL’s tier one competition doubled in participated matches, a record for championship level since rugby league re-started in Italy. There also saw some junior rugby league matches played before Campionato matches and even a reserve level match between Real Albinea and Misano. FIRFL has over 2000 participants and 56 affiliated clubs with three tiers, along with initial growth in junior league matches and 4affiliated women’s teams this year.

2013 r-Evolution League Promo Video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=miFZDvTh-B0