Papua New Guinea Rugby League
Papua New Guinea Rugby League


The PNGRFL and the Team Kumul High Performance Unit announced earlier today information regarding their upcoming high performance camp to be held in Port Moresby July 22nd through to Thursday July 25th. It will be the fourth camp this year focussing on the progression of the skills, attitude and knowledge of the Papua New Guinea based players.

Adrian Lam, Team Kumul Head Coach commented,

“We are continuing to build on what we’ve done in the previous camps and what the players have been tasked to do in between camps. We are getting closer to the â€˜business end’ of the year where we plan to have several matches, which will culminate in the selection of our PNG National team to go to the Rugby League World Cup. The National selectors have done a wonderful job in keeping us informed and have recommended a couple of new players be invited to attend this camp, which Mal and I are excited about.”

Camp 4 will see the attendance of the National Selectors who will get to experience first hand what the invited players get put through. Chairman David Tinemau said that it would be a great opportunity to experience the camp environment and how the players cope,

“It will be good to see the players in a highly professional environment which will prepare them for representing Papua New Guinea. It gives us a different perspective on the players attitude and attributes compared with the usual 80 minutes that we see them playing against each other. We have bolstered the numbers of this camp to 24. There have been a few injuries, notably Albert Patak & Mark Mexico, but we also want to have a closer look at a few ‘new’ players as well and how they perform under the High Performance camp training. Having said that, we are still keeping a close eye on a large group of players who won’t be attending this camp.”

The staff of Team Kumul also indicated that they want to build on the concept of having the young schoolboy footballers involved in the camp. In each camp to date the coaching staff and players have, on the last day, run a coaching clinic session for some of the locally based schools.

‘2013 Team Kumul World Cup Campaign’

Training staff Solomon Kuliniasi, Nigel Hukula and Neil Dunkley all mentioned,

“We are hoping to run a similar Coaching Clinic on the morning of Thursday 25th of July between 9:30am – 10:30am for one hour with as many of the local schools and schoolboys as possible. Details will be released and confirmed early in the week through the school boys programme.”

The Team Kumul invited players will assemble in Port Moresby on July 22nd following their Round 15 commitments with the PNGNRL competition. The invited players for Team Kumul Camp 4 are:

Josiah Abavu, Richard Kambo, Charlie Wabo, Enoch Maki, Sebastian Pandia, Larsen Marabe, Israel Eliab, Dion Aiye, Ase Boas, Wartovo Puara, Joe Bruno, Adex Wera, Bernard Tatsim, Jason Tali, Tiger Emery, David Loko, Essau Siune, Sigfreid Gande, Thompson Teteh, Mogi Wei, Wellington Albert, Petero Sunivalu, Willie Minoga and George Benson.

All players will be contacted by Team Kumul Management to update them with their travel details and other information.