Italian Rugby League
Italian Rugby League

By Tiziano Franchini, Date: 19/7/13

Saturday, July 13, 2013, at the municipal field of Modena, the XIII del Ducato won their fourth title in a row and were again named Italian Rugby League Champions, but this year the team from Piacenza were tested right to the last minute.

The game began with the North West Rooster’s in attack and after just a few minutes the Roosters scored a try to take themselves out to a 4 to 0 lead, Gert Peens missed the transformation. After a slow start the XIII del Ducato grew in confidence and began to grind down the opposition scoring 4 well executed tries.

At this point, the thirteenth of the Duchy takes confidence and begins to grind the game in a very real way, scoring 4 goals well executed.

Despite the Piacenza side dominating the match, the Roosters side never gave up and they tried to match the Piacenza side blow for blow.
The first half ended 18 to 4 for the XIII del Ducato

The start of the second half saw the Roosters put the XIII del Ducato under immense pressure and forced them to defend desperately. The teams played some tough Rugby league without giving anything to their opponents.

The Roosters began a comeback despite the great effort and pressure put on them by the XIII del Ducato.

With just 5 minutes to go the Piacenza side were only ahead by 2 points (34 to 32). On full time Drake Muyodi crashed over for a try which sealed the game and the fourth consecutive title as Champions of Italy for his side.

The Man of the Match, as well as coach of the Roosters, Chris De Meyer, said he was pleased with the performance of boys and the growth they have made in these last few months of work. The only regret is not having had a little more clarity during the first half of the match.

Gert Peens, number 6 for the Roosters, did not feel defeated but said that he hopes to have a rematch next season in the final against the XIII del Ducato where he hopes to win.

Fabio Hogan Berzieri very satisfied with the result, congratulated the Roosters for their efforts, this has been the most difficult match of all the finals, the Roosters gave us big problems towards the end of the match, we were tired but we didn’t give up, despite the pressure from the Roosters.

Kelly Rolleston, coach of the XIII del Ducato, said that the level of Italian rugby league is on the rise and today’s game is the proof of this.

The F.I.R.L. congratulates the XIII del Ducato for winning the title and would like to thank all the other teams who participated in the Italian Serie A Championship