Massimo Nicotra
Massimo Nicotra

By Joel Morgan, Date:2/8/13

Interview with FIRFL National Youth Coordinator Massimo Nicotra: Increasing National Youth Setup Further

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League put points on the board with focus on growing the youth program. After the recent youth national stage in Avezzano the satisfaction among those involved is still alive. The city is where the official National Under 17 selection stage and development initiative grew further through coaches Sebastian Velazquez and Gigi Ferraro.

“After a meeting with the Seniors – says Massimo Nicotra, Coordinator of youth activities of the Firfl – there is desire to try to organize a similar event for youth. The result was amazing and at the same time gratifying because the boysthey immediately took to the rugby 13 rules. The fact that staging the event in Avezzano and earlier development resulted in over 50 young talent is an important result and the match has left everyone satisfied: from the guys as the Federal representatives. Now we will continue to work in this direction and will consider even the guys at those clubs which were not able to attend the event. “

Many initiatives will begin in the future involving the National Rugby 13 U17s. “Coming soon – continued Nicotra- we will organise another multi-day stage: we’re trying to figure out what is time best to do it, either before the start of the school (semester) in Septemberor during the holiday season. The aim is to set up a competitive group and then compare with maybe other national groups to have better experience in our code.

The Under 17 is currently the only youth national setup for the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League, “But from the perspective of growth in having the FIFRL Championship, we want to broaden our horizons – concluded Nicotra. The goal is to move practically towards education to National Under 13 and Under 15 squads, or alternatively Under 12 and 14, that can give continuity to our work. We are also looking into some solutions to work in even deeper within the schools and the same with the clubs.

Finally, let us not forget the project “Life Code” with which the Firfl shows our inclination towards ensuring proper nutrition and integration, in order to give young people the opportunity to know how to deal better with food, real energy of our body. The integration in this context helps children recover better and
reduce injuries.