Latin Heat South American Rugby League
Latin Heat South American Rugby League

By Robert Burgin, Date: 9/8/13

We’re doing something ambitious for Australia’s Latin American COMMUNITY, starting the first rugby league team to represent the region – the LATIN HEAT.

Currently SOUTH AMERICA is the only continent WITHOUT a single regular representative rugby league side, ahead of October’s 2013 World Cup in the UK.

Working in tandem with the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF), we are aiming to amend that void and have fixtures scheduled for SEPTEMBER in BRISBANE.

To get the NOT-FOR-PROFIT team off the ground we require the bare ESSENTIALS of uniforms and insurance, about A$2500 worth in TOTAL.

We do NOT come to you cap in hand, expecting money to fall in our laps.

Instead we have already established a Facebook community with OVER 1000 LIKES and lined up MEDIA EXPOSURE with numerous organisations.

As the founder of this team, I have 15 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE working in the media and would be aiming to promote your brand and WORK TOGETHER at every opportunity.

This would also include using your PAID services or products for team events, such as functions, trips and event days.

It may be that you would like NAMING RIGHTS to the team or the FRONT of the jersey, or would just prefer to contribute to a SMALLER SPONSORSHIP on the sleeves, shorts or kit.

Whatever you decide, I THANK YOU for your time and hope the fortunes of your business follow a similar path to that which we intend to tread.

(To learn more please visit as at Facebook at ‘South American Rugby League’)