2013 RLWC
2013 RLWC

By Phil Caplan, Date:2/9/13

Rugby league fans are set to unite for an historic set of walks across the North of England.

Over a 7 day period, just before the World Cup kicks off, hundreds of people from all parts of the RL family will take to the roads.

It’s a chance to show the importance of the sport to the communities in which its played.

And at the same time it will raise money to help protect the game’s heritage, it’s future and support badly injured players.

In a rallying call, Terry Flanagan, chairman of the game’s charity, RL Cares, has urged as many as possible to pull on their walking boots to show the world that Rugby League people can make a difference.

“It’s going to be a fantastic mass participation event, “ says Terry. “ We want as many people as possible out there.

“ Clubs, supporters groups, friends – get together with others and get walking.”

In the East of the country, the walks start on Friday, 18th October at Hornsea. And over the next 7 days travel through various towns and cities.

In the West, they begin on Saturday, 19th oct, with 6 days of activities planned.

Both sets of walks meet up in Huddersfield on the 24th October.

“ People can walk as far as they like, “says Terry, “ There are challenging walks over a number of days, or daily and community mile walks are planned.

“ All of the routes make their way through some key historical locations linked to the early days of the sport.
“ The objective is to encourage a pilgrimage back to where it all began in 1895, the George Hotel.”

RL Cares has partnered up with the Trans Pennine Trail, and has support from the 23 authorities through which the walks will pass.

Participation is free, though anyone taking part will need to register via the Rugby League Cares website and commit to raising funds for the charity.
Full details at: www.rugbyleaguecares.org