2013 PNG PMXIII Dinner
2013 PNG PMXIII Dinner

Date: 3/9/13

The PNGRFL has today released sales for the upcoming PM13 Dinner to be held at the Kokopo Beach Bungalow resort on Friday 27th September 2013 ahead of the Sunday PM13 match.

The dinner will be attended by ALL Team Kumul & Australian Players and is the opportunity for attendees to rub shoulders with both nations World Cup players said Interim PNGRFL CEO Brad Tassell:

“It will be the first time the dinner has been staged in the NGI region and we hope that businesses in the region get behind it and support what should be a fantastic night. Attendees will be treated to special interviews, raffle prizes and Auctions, plus get the chance to get up close with the players from both nations. The Australian Team will possibly be one of the strongest sides ever to play in PNG and there will no doubt be some superstars present along with of course our own Team Kumul superstars and coaches Adrian Lam and Mal Meninga.”

In an interesting twist the Australian Rugby League have announced Laurie Daley as head coach of the Australian PM13 team and with Mal Meninga lining up as Coaching Director for Team Kumul, PNG fans will be treated to a rematch from this Years State of Origin Series as both go head to head for the respective nations. Fans will be hoping the Queensland State of Origin Aura will rub of on Team Kumul to grab their first ever win over the Aussies.

Tassell said all proceeds raised will go towards funding PNGRFL programs for 2014;

“These fundraisers are important events for the PNGRFL so we can implement much needed junior and senior programs, accreditation programs etc. for season 2014. Depending on the amount raised we will also be making a contribution back into the ENBRL from the proceeds raised from the dinner.”

Tickets are available by contacting the PNGRFL office on 3259499, fax: 3259385, email: btassell@pngrlfoundation.com or by contacting Brad Tassell on 71114699.