Papua New Guinea Rugby League
Papua New Guinea Rugby League


The PNGRFL are gearing up for what they believe will be a highly successful and well supported Senior National Championships this weekend in Lae.

The Senior Championships, to be played during Independence weekend will feature some of the best Rugby League Talent from across the nation selected in each regions Zone Championships held over the past two months.

The Championships were revived after a long period of absence this year by the PNGRFL Board and Interim CEO Brad Tassell said the regions were excited about the championships;

“All of the Zone Championships have been a fantastic success and the PNGRFL are committed to the concept which we want to grow into the premiere Tournament held in PNG each year. The National Championships will be staged at a level of professionalism not seen before, with all Zones already receiving training and team wear and new sets of jerseys all entirely funded by the PNGRFL with the fantastic assistance from the Minister for Sport Justin Tkatchenko through the Sports Enhancement program.”

“I have seen some of talent at the Championships and I know there will be a strong Team Kumul and PNG QLD Cup presence at the National Championships to identify talent from across the nation who can take part in future development programs. Its very exciting for the players outside of the Digicel Cup to be noticed and get an opportunity to further their rugby league careers. It is also an opportunity to observe and identify potential administrators and officials for the game as we move forward with the restructure of rugby league in PNG.”

Tassell said it was important fans supported the event;

“We are expecting large crowds across the 3 days of competition, which will culminate in the finals on the Sunday and a presentation dinner on Sunday night to announce an honorary 20 man National Squad. Tickets are only K10 Adult and K5 Children and I would encourage rugby league lovers to get to the game in big numbers to support this fantastic event.”

DAY 1 – Friday 13th September 2013 – (Lae DRL Field)

1.40pm GAME 1 Northern V Southern
3:00pm GAME 2 NGI V Highlands

DAY 2 – Saturday 14th September 2013 – (Lae DRL Field)

10:00am GAME 3 Northern V NGI
11:20am GAME 4 Southern V Highlands
12:40pm GAME 5 Woman’s Rugby League Game
1.40pm GAME 6 School Boy Rugby League Game
2:40pm GAME 7 Southern V NGI
4:00pm GAME 8 Northern V Highlands


DAY 3 – Sunday 15th September 2013 – (Lae DRL Field)

12.00am GAME 9 Position 3 V Position 4
1.40 pm GAME 10 Position 1 V Position 2 (Grand Final) 6:30pm Presentations & Announcement of National Honorary Squad at
Okari Campus.

DAY 4 – Monday 16th September 2013

4:30am – 9.00am Teams Depart Accommodation Lae at Okari Campus.


Available for purchase at the venue:

Adult @ K10 Child @ K5
Main Grandstand @ K50

2013 Southern Zone Rugby League Team (White/Black)

1. Victor Jack
2. Steven Gia
3. Russ Kaupa
4. James Simet
5. Rex Maima
6. Tilex Kawage
7. Samson Pirika
8. Francis Aihi
9. William Mone
10. Tabal Henry
11. Chicko Mairi
12. Kevau Boge
13. Raymond Tia
14. Zinta Posu
15. Nao Boge
16. Jubilee Otto
17. John Ako
18. Morgan Mora
19. Nick Jamono
20. Jobby Mairi

Coach: Mr. Ted Vere
Assistant Coach: Mr. Norris Selu
Manager: Mr. Bosco Kose
Assistant Manager: Mr. Moses Matuka
Trainer: Mr. Philip Boge

2013 Northern Zone Rugby League Team (Green/Gold)

1. Baker Tiba
2. Paul Barekano
3. Justine Mark
4. Justine Kalo
5. Jerry Jonathan
6. Noel Kopaya
7. William Teko
8. Brandy Peter
9. Abraham Mexico
10. Frank Kagai
11. Berom Waramis (Jnr)
12. Joseph Ninkama

13. Scott Gorosahu
14. Terence Tausulu
15. Jim Alecks
16. Nathan John
17. Justine Polongo
18. Romulus Mago
19. Paul Robert
20. Jeremy Monimo

Coach: Mr. John Milba
Manager: Mr. Kilion Naghan
Trainer: Mr. Joseph Passingan
Doctor: Mathson Aku
Physio: Mathew Kumuno

2013 Highlands Zone Rugby League Team (Navy/White)

1. Junior Rau
2. Martin Bomai
3. Robin Korangem
4. Kapil Tumbo
5. Kingsley George
6. Charlie Buka
7. Makenzie Buka
8. Joshua Kops
9. Manu Mikave
10. Nelson Rami
11. Liviko Sabumei
12. Abraham Irai
13. Samson Otmar
14. Lawrence Tatsim
15. Howard Malemale
16. Brian Gispe
17. Kenneth Yombi
18. Tais Drovel
19. Alu Palnge
20. Diru Oreke

Coach: Mr. Joseph Kupo
Manager: Mr Timothy Siwi
Trainer: Mr. Ipae Solom
Trainer: Mr. Gabriel Kiluwa
Doctor: Mr. Iga Wabah

2013 New Guinea Islands Zone Rugby League Team (Maroon/Yellow)

1. Ricky Sibiya
2. Jonathan Levi
3. Edward Goma
4. Joel Boas
5. Elias Ragi
6. Watson Boas
7. Adam Owae
8. Dilbert Issac
9. Steven Waliya
10. Charles Kamirab
11. David Punion
12. Jeffrey Vinevel
13. Wesley Totori
14. Leo Tikot
15. Ben Poso
16. Nemas Michael
17. Thomas Tabari
18. Bob Wilson
19. Max Totori
20. Wayne Kelesioni

Coach: Mr. Jimmy Peter
Assistant Coach: Mr. Lucas Samak
Manager: Mr. Agi Ora
Assistant Manager: Mr. Alois Tobata
Trainer: Mr. Jessy Alunga