Canada Rugby League

By Richard Cowley, Date:26/7/13

Canada have named their side to take on the USA in the last tie of the rugby league Colonial Cup series. Canada have so far won only one game in the four game series.

The Wolverines will need to beat the USA convincingly on Saturday to have any chance of winning the series.

The match is set to take place at Lamport Stadium this Saturday (28th September).

Canada line-up

Robin Legault (Toronto City Saints)

Lucas Silver (Toronto Centurions) 

Geoff Bylund (Toronto City Saints)

Jamie Beaton (Surrey Beavers)

Brett King (Oakville Crusaders)

Matt Wyles (c) (Toronto Centurions)

Jamie Lester (Toronto City Saints)

Eric Moyer (Toronto Centurions)

Adam Moody (Toronto City Saints)

Enoch Wamalwa (Toronto City Saints)

Christian Miller (Toronto Centurions)

Ben Fleming (Toronto Centurions)

Craig Leveridge (Oakville Crusaders)

Joe Perez-Bangay (Toronto City Saints)

Tony Felix (Toronto Centurions)

Henry Miers (Toronto Centurions)

Rob Autagavaia (Toronto City Saints)


2013 Results to date

Game 3: Sep 7th Canada 20 v United States 28

Game 2: Aug 24th United States 44 v Canada 16

Game 1: Jul 6th Canada 36 v United States 20