Date: 8/10/13 

(F.I.R.F.L.) Not together, separated since 2010, the rugby league federations operating in Italy – Fedazione Italiana Rugby League and Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League – now seem faced with an incurable rupture born in the aftermath of the first convocation (Firl) for the next World Cup which will be played at the end of October in mainly England. Among the Italian national team squad there is missing almost entirely true Italians.

The FIRFL President, David Massitti scandalized: “With much regret we see what we have always maintained – says the number one executive of the Firfl-. The elusive movement that will go to this World event will represent our colors with a low percentage of Italians, which incidentally do not participate even in an Italian Championship.

I don’t know how all this renders this World Cup credible. Italy, in the first appearance at a Rugby League World Cup, instead of being realistically a moderated team becomes today a favorite, totally distorting the competition itself: it’s a shame. We tried several times a reunification with a democratic request: but has never been accepted. Fortunately the CONI, which is evaluating our cards for value, will never accept such a thing, and we thank the institution for its support.”

Guido Porcellini, head doctor of the Federleague, beats hard: “I am fortunate to work for years in the world of sport, to be part of sports of excellence (Mens Sana Basketball Siena), being near world-class athletes (Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini), but one thing left me baffled. I don’t understand how these people have the courage to present: it’s disgusting.”

In more detail below the general secretary Pierluigi Gentile explains. “Unfortunately, it was something that we expected , for this years ago we broke away : we could never look into the eyes of our team’s athletes who compete with commitment, deceiving them to participate in a World Cup, and then stab them behind just before the achievement of a dream, as has been done by convening a squad of players , strong but that nothing had been given to the movement – he says – . I think the Italian-Australians are important and helpful for the movement in its infancy , as indeed happened in Rugby 15. But I would like to point out that right in “15” these athletes were made to play in our national championship to raise the level of the movement, and only later were summoned . However , exceeding half of the elements . 

I consider the Italian-Australians an Italian buysoy, but the national team must be the expression of a movement, not a set of big players to pretend to be a good movement. ” The disappointment is expressed toward the leaders of the FIRL that for the players. “Honestly I am amazed, not by Italian Australian team has rightly their own interests, but those Italians who have repeatedly avoided a democratic reunification, as evidenced by the documents , under the laws of the CONI . They they have a huge responsibility towards the movement and you should be ashamed of what they did – thunders Gentile – . However, for us it is a small moment as it is proof to our athletes and our teams that false suggestions made by the other pseudo association were such , unlike our words always measured and never illusory. Today we have about 2,000 athletes , more than 50 affiliated clubs , who believe in sport as a social tool : there are many of our projects , national and international pride that recently was born in the prison of Frosinone. Our sporting activity with values, preching our discipline , but in the manner and at the right time . Ours is a sport for many, but not for everyone. It teaches us that we must work hard to achieve a goal : to go to a World event with such a shortcut would be the denial of our values.