PNG Rugby League
PNG Rugby League

Date: 8/10/13

PNGRFL Deputy Chairman Sandis Tsaka today issued a statement in response to the article, which appeared in the National Newspaper on Monday regarding Team Kumul selection;

“I would like to respond to Timothy Lepas statements in the National newspaper today (Monday) by saying that Mal, Adrian and the National Selectors have the 100% full confidence and backing of the PNGRFL Board. The National Selectors were appointed to do a job and they have done a fantastic one over the course of the season. They have coordinated their movements with management around the nation to watch matches throughout the season and kept tabs on the form of international players. It is a ridiculous statement to say the selectors have no say and attacks their credibility and integrity and I can tell you this is not the case. At all stages has Mal and Adrian have met with and consulted with the National Selectors in regards to selection of players for the recent matches and the final World Cup squad and taken on board recommendations by the National Selectors who have also taken into account recommendations from the coaches. It’s a team effort by the National selectors and the coaches, which is the way it should be.”

“It’s about time we grew up and started acting like adults and start managing our great game properly for the sake of the ones that matter – the players. Rugby League in this country has been beset by problems in the past because of interference in the selection process and the breakdown in following correct procedure, but the new PNGRFL board and management has not, would not, nor should they ever interfere in the role of the coaches and National Selectors. That is why the coaches and selectors are appointed to do that job and we will give them our 100% support AT ALL TIMES.”

“Yes players will miss out and there will be disappointment but that is a fact of life. It’s how these players respond that really shapes their future and whether they go further in Rugby League. We value different opinions, but as I have said the selectors and coaching staff have the full support of the board and we ask that the nation and Rugby League followers now get behind the squad with their full support before, during and after the World Cup.”