Papua New Guinea Rugby League
Papua New Guinea Rugby League

Date: 24/10/13

The Minister for Sport Hon Justin Tkatchenko has confirmed today that steps are underway to transfer the ownership of the PNG Rugby League Foundation to the PNGRFL.

“The submission is now before NEC and I expect it will be ratified shortly so that now ALL Rugby League programs will fall under the control of the Governing body of Rugby League the PNGRFL. There has been a fantastic level of co-operation between Government, the Foundation and the PNGRFL over the past twelve months to get the game back on its feet and the time is now right to streamline everything under the PNGRFL. This has been a priority recommendation from my Ministry, the Foundation and the PNGRFL and with this last step being taken we are even more excited about the future of the game. It is now up to the PNGRFL board to plan, restructure and deliver programs that benefit the nation in regards to Rugby League.”

Deputy Chairman Sandis Tsaka said the transfer had been agreed upon some time ago but the PNGRFL wanted to ensure it had a full board in place and were ready;

“The level of cooperation from Brad and the Foundation Board has been amazing over the past twelve months. They have unselfishly provided financial assistance, their offices, management and staff to assist and work with the PNGRFL in getting to the stage we are now. Despite some idiotic criticisms from people who have their own personal agendas I can tell you that this has been done for the right reasons. Without the help of Brad and the Foundation we could not have possibly delivered anything of what has been done over the past 12 months. I sincerely thank Brad, Chairman Governor Powes Parkop and the Foundation Board for their support. The Foundation has delivered a fantastic Schoolboys program and entry to the QLD Cup and it is now being handed over to the PNGRFL. It is up to the PNGRFL Board now to continue the good work over the past 12 months and we are working very hard on this. I also wanted to make it VERY clear that the PNGRFL has full control over ALL programs under its leadership.”

PNG Rugby League Foundation Chairman Governor Powes Parkop also added;

“Despite a lot of garbage floating around I can assure you that the only way Rugby League could have got back on its feet was by a concerted effort from all involved – the Government, PNGRFL and the Foundation. This recommendation to transfer ownership of the Foundation was put forward some time ago and the time is now right to get it done so that ALL rugby League programs now fall under the direct control of the PNGRFL as the governing body of the Sport in PNG. I would like to thank the Foundation Board for allowing this to happen and for supporting it and for their efforts in delivering rugby league programs over the past 5 years. It’s fantastic for the sport that everyone has worked tirelessly together. Rugby League in PNG is now at the doorway of a new era and it is up to the PNGRFL Board to step through that door and take the game forward.”